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Magic Milestones Exchange

The self-service consulting solution connecting successful executives.

If you are grappling with a business or technology problem that Google can’t solve or if you are thinking about engaging a consultancy - congratulations! You are in the right place!  What's more you may just be able to save some cash and some time.

The Magic Milestones Exchange is a compilation of the best consultancy hacks for self-service problem solving.

Why You Should Join Us

Join a community of high-level executives who have found the best ways to solve even the most complex of problems. Post a question and our team (or your peers) will find the templates, courses and events to help you on your way.  Maybe even join a cohort.

And if that doesn't work? We have a few more tricks up our sleeve for you.

What's more, with careful vetting of members, the Exchange is a space free from unsolicited sales pitches, leaving you to focus on connecting with other leading executives.

  This is enhanced by our sister offering the Magic Milestones Marketplace (coming soon) which connects clients to experts who can help them deliver from a range of partners in our eco-system.

Our Purpose

With your support, we can encourage the boutique consulting economy.  We believe that a group of focused specialist companies, can offer so much more than global mammoths.  Whether it's supporting you with chunks of advice, courses or facilitation, we believe that our clients are happy to pay for smaller chunks of work at lower premiums rather than large chunks of work that often fail to deliver.  Through our self service solution (the Magic Milestones Exchange aka this site!) and the Magic Milestones Marketplace, (coming soon) as an SME community we can also work in unison.  What's more, in doing so, we can deliver you a solution with all the hallmarks of big brand consulting without the associated price tag.

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